International Undergraduate Student Ministry

Come to our Friday Gathering and learn about God!


A little bit about us…


A home away from home

IUSM is a Christian international student group for students around the UC Berkeley campus. We recognize how hard it is for new international students to get used to being in a new country, so we do our best to provide a home away from home. We believe that God created man to live with other people, and so life is lived best when lived in the company of others. And so we want to be a place where international students can come, relax, eat good food, go on trips, and go through the ups and downs of life together!


Discussing the big questions

College is a time where we grow up and we’re formed as people, we develop opinions, convictions, and try to find our path as people. And so, while school and work are definitely very important, we believe that college is a good time to consider other bigger questions as well. Because there is more to life than good grades, money, comfort, and pleasure. So we try to discuss questions like: does life have inherent purpose? does God exist and if he does does it matter? is it possible to verify whether or not Christianity, or any religion for that matter, is true? And at the end of the day, these are the questions we think are really important!


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