IUSM Council

Say hello to our new IUSM Council! They’re working hard behind the scenes to meet the growing needs of our group. Expect great things from them!


Xunkai Chen - President

Senior in Chemical Engineering from Shandong, China

Fun Fact: Xunkai really likes Chinese food. I mean, REALLY, likes Chinese food, and considers it superior to all other foods, although other Asian foods are okay too.


Hanna Hou - Vice President

Senior in Environmental Econ and Policy from Beijing, China

Fun fact: Hanna really likes rap music, but has a hard time pronouncing the words. She particularly likes “Energy” by Flame.


Eric Ge - Chief Technology Officer

Junior in Computer Science from Beijing, China

Fun Fact: Eric LOVES programming, and can be seen practicing code in his spare time, and attends programming competitions held by Google, ACM, and etc.


Yang Yang - Treasurer

Senior in Econ from Shandong, China

Fun Fact: She goes by “Yang Yang,” but that’s actually her full name, although some people get confused and think her name is “Yangyang Yang.”