Meet our Team

IUSM consists of Alumni and current students - all over the world! Take a tour of our team and some event leads - this teams page should really make you feel like you want to be part of the IUSM team and contribute to our cause and history and lineage - can someone come up with a solid intro here?



Meet Eric. He’s a senior from Beijing and our resident CS genius, attending coding competitions far and wide. Befriend him now before he gets too famous.


Outreach Coordinator

Meet Bianca. She’s a junior in Landscape Architecture from Macau. Ask her anything about Macau and she might even throw in a yummy dessert with her answer!



Meet Shufei. He loves Berkeley so much that he did his undergrad and PhD here, and now he works on-campus while acting as IUSM's advisor.



Xunkai really likes Chinese food. I mean, REALLY, likes Chinese food, and considers it superior to all other foods, although other Asian foods are okay too.


Alumni Volunteer

Meet Cherie. She is into graphic design and making fun cards for her friends on Canva.


Alumni Volunteer

Meet Cynthia. She loves boba and can also teach you about photoshop.


Alumni Volunteer

Meet Daniel. Not only does he code but he is also a great musician.


Alumni Volunteer

Meet Marissa. She loves spicy food and will cook you a great bowl of mapo tofu.


Social Media Manager

Meet Mimi. Don't be fooled by her height, she is the one we go to whenever we need a group selfie.


IUSM Web Manager

Meet Nancy. She is the best dancer in IUSM along with her husband Paul.


IUSM Web Manager

Meet Paul. He is our IUSM Web Manager and is your go to if you need help with your websites.