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International Freshmen New to UC Berkeley…

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What is IUSM?

IUSM stands for International Undergraduate Student Ministry, a student group for international students around the UC Berkeley campus! We recognize how hard it is for new international students to get used to being in a new country, and so we do our best to be a home away from home where international students can come, relax, eat good food, go on trips, and talk about life’s big questions together from a Christian perspective.



Berkeley can be a hard and lonely place, so here in IUSM we try to make meaningful friendships to help us thrive in Berkeley and America together!



And we try to have fun too! So the stress of Berkeley is easier to go through and because we all need more fun :)



We also like to eat…a lot, and we like our food to be good! We have awesome home-cooked meals every week, like hotpot or dumplings!



And we like to go through life together! Experience the big moments like graduations, and talk about meaning, purpose, and what we think life is all about!



We believe that by studying the Bible, we can better understand ourselves, our relationships, and what’s most valuable in life. We gather every week to study together, get to know each other, and grow in our understanding of life!

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